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Flutter Developer

Job Type - Remote

We are looking out for a Flutter Developer who will be running and designing product application features across various cross platform devices, we are starting with flutter Web, but soon we will expand to IOS and Android. Someone who is passionate about code writing, solving technical errors and taking up full ownership of app delivery.

  1. You will be building and shipping robust apps.
  2. You will be writing battle-tested, readable and clear code using Dart that will be extensively documented for future use and upgrades.
  3. You will be sharing feedback and brainstorming ideas with teams to improve the development process.
  4. Understand basic concepts of design for developing user friendly applications.
  5. Stay up to date with the latest technologies.

Flutter Developer Skills and Qualifications

  1. Experience in development of Android/iOS applications and have deployed them on Google Play/App Store.
  2. 3+ years knowledge in mobile app development.
  3. In depth understanding of front end languages like HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript.
  4. In depth understanding of Object Oriented programming languages like Java and C++.
  5. Familiarity using version control tools like Git, Subversion etc. and IDEs like Android Studio, VS Code etc.
  6. Understanding of the Agile Software Development Life Cycle and being exposed to Scrum projects.
  7. Knowledge of Dart programming language, Rest APIs and integration of various APIs from third parties.
  8. Comfortable using test cases for debugging code, enhancing performance and reliability.
  9. Preferred
  10. Experience working remotely and coordinating tech initiatives with different teams to deliver projects.
  11. Worked at any stage startup or have developed projects of their own ideas.

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