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Web Developer

Job Type - Remote

As a Web Developer at Chanmax, you’ll play a crucial role in creating exceptional online experiences for our clients. Your expertise in web development will contribute to crafting visually stunning and user-friendly websites.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Design and develop responsive and visually appealing websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and CMS platforms.
  2. Collaborate with the design team to implement visual concepts and user interface elements on websites.
  3. Optimize website performance, loading speed, and responsiveness for an enhanced user experience.
  4. Develop and maintain custom features, plugins, and extensions to meet project requirements.
  5. Ensure cross-browser compatibility and conduct testing to identify and fix bugs and issues.
  6. Stay updated with web development trends, technologies, and best practices.
  7. Participate in code reviews and collaborate with the development team to maintain code quality and standards.
  8. Troubleshoot and resolve website issues and performance bottlenecks.
  9. Integrate third-party APIs and external services to enhance website functionality.
  10. Embrace opportunities for continuous learning, seeking to expand technical skills and knowledge.

Skills Requirements:

  1. Proficiency in web development languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  2. Experience with CMS platforms like WordPress, Shopify, or Webflow (based on specific projects).
  3. Familiarity with front-end frameworks (e.g., Bootstrap, Foundation) and responsive design principles.
  4. Strong problem-solving skills and a positive attitude towards learning and growth.
  5. Knowledge of version control systems (e.g., Git) for collaborative development.
  6. Ability to work collaboratively within a team and communicate effectively with colleagues.
  7. Detail-oriented and well-organized to deliver high-quality code and meet project deadlines.
  8. Basic understanding of SEO principles and website optimization techniques.
  9. Curiosity and eagerness to experiment with new technologies and tools.
  10. Flexibility to adapt to different development environments and coding styles.

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