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Jop Type: Remote
As a Digital Marketer at Chanmax, you'll be at the forefront of driving digital marketing success for our clients.
Jop Type: Remote
As a Web Developer at Chanmax, you'll play a crucial role in creating exceptional online experiences for our clients.
Jop Type: Remote
As an Intern AI and Automation Tools Operator, you'll explore the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and automation.
Jop Type: Remote
As an Intern Content Creator, you'll delve into crafting compelling and valuable content. Collaborate with our content team to create articles, blog posts, infographics, and more that resonate with our audience.
Jop Type: Remote
As an Intern Social Media Manager, you'll closely with our social media team to curate engaging content, interact with followers, and build brand
Jop Type: Remote
As an Intern Digital Marketer, you'll immerse yourself in digital marketing, working closely with our marketing experts.

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Yes, at Chanmax, we provide internship opportunities, but not for everyone. Only people who are interested and willing to put their time and effort to learn new things will get a chance for an internship opportunity.

Yes, but initially the person has to complete the three-month non-paid internship to be eligible for our paid internship. In the first three months, we will be evaluating the candidate's efforts and discipline, before we give them more room to learn more secrets about the industry.

Yes, we provide remote work, so all you need is discipline and commitment to work peacefully at Chanmax.

Chanmax doesn't obsess over any kind of paper qualifications. It only believes that attitude and skills are what matter. Therefore, all you need is a positive attitude and the courage to learn and improve your skills to work at Chanmax.

Yes, we allow students to work at Chanmax. However, commitment is really important to us, so deadlines for the jobs will be strictly enforced. If you are a disciplined person, you can join us.

If you're joining us as an intern, you can expect a strong learning culture where you will have the opportunity to explore and research new things, as well as hands-on practice with real-time projects. If you are joining as a full-time employee, you will have the chance to show your creativity, explore new things, and make your own decisions regarding tasks.

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